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Times change we believe cocktails should too™


REDEFINING THE ART OF "COCKTAILS", Our mission is to provide aficionados with infusions unparalleled and, toward that end; to ensure that our luxury cocktails reflect our aficionados their lives and their tastes. We take great pride in our commitment to providing you with the best.

Naturell Presidential Cocktail Collection™

Over the ages, champagne has become as diverse in variety as it has in its cultural and social consumption. Today most high-priced champagnes that fill glasses in almost every setting, from formal events to the casual experience are enhanced.


While researching Dom Perignon and the history of champagne Ron Johnson's, ambition was to fashion an exotic ultra-exclusive luxury cocktail to rival the world's top champagnes. In turn, he fashioned the Naturell Presidential Cocktail Collection™. No compromises are made and very bottle is fashioned one by one.


These masterpieces are beyond compared, they contain no bubbles. The carbonation content is 1% by design which allows you to enjoy pure elegance. The Presidential collection was fashioned to be savored and considered a remarkable creation, a world's first, a representation of perfection. The collection consists of four blends that are of extreme limited production. They are the ultimate luxury.

Naturell Signature Sipping Cocktail Collection™

Our boutique signature labels is the world’s finest sipping cocktail collection. These signed and numbered masterpieces were crafted to appeal to younger multicultural professionals who are looking for unique sipping cocktails without the harsh bite.


The collection consists of five handcrafted aromatic blends that are of extreme limited production.



Naturell Diva Delight Cocktail Collection™

With the inspiration from a diva Ron Johnson, fashioned the Diva Delight Cocktail Collection™, to pay homage and cater to the needs of women. The collection is our contribution towards making life exceptionally pleasant as the jewel toned masterpieces were fashioned to change and enhance women's drinking experience.


The Diva Delight Cocktail Collection consists of twenty different delectable rum and vodka cocktails that give women the ability to drink "as is," chilled or on the rocks. Or the option to intermix cocktails together to create over 810 different luxury cocktails without ever changing alcohol brands.


In addition, although the Diva Delight collection was created with women in mind it’s also a collection mint to be enjoyed by men as well. 

Naturell Chocolate Delight™

Our market exclusive Naturell Chocolate Delight™ is the world’s first “Retroactive” cocktail, which means something happing after the fact?


Naturell chocolate turns into a delight to enjoy after shaking the bottle to combine a proprietary liquor blend with dark chocolate to make the perfect martini / cocktail. NO BARTENDER REQUIRED!


Once combined it will not separate giving the consumer a consistent drinking experience. It is of extreme limited production.

Naturell Cannabis Cocktail Collection™

Naturell ultra-exclusive cannabis infused luxury cocktails takes connoisseurship to a whole new level. When it comes to all the documented significant health benefits associated with the use of medicinal cannabis, we offer the best of both worlds. The Naturell brand has formulated the world’s first cannabis infused luxury cocktail collection to pay homage and cater to the needs of those who utilize and rely on medicinal marijuana products to treat their symptoms.


The collection consists of twenty rum and twenty vodka cannabis infused luxury cocktails that give consumers the ability to drink “as is”, chilled on the rocks, or they can be mixed together to create over 810 different cannabis infused luxury cocktails without ever changing alcohol brands.

Naturell Luxury H20™

Naturell luxury H2O™ with electrolytes was fashioned to make a statement that only the best will do.


Our luxury H20’s consist of ten flavors and comes in our signature frosted 1L and 375 ml bottles and in limited-edition 1L collectable bottles that are adorned with a Swarovski crystal which represents our superior quality.


Naturell luxury H2O™ is recommended anytime, before, during or after the enjoyment of one of our many luxury cocktails!

Our Story

Believing in lofty dreams and the relentless pursuit of perfection Naturell ultra-exclusive rum and vodka luxury cocktails are traditional, modern, classic, innovative, and disrupting. They not only herald a much-anticipated glimpse of the world's first inter-mixable cocktails they usher in new thinking surrounding our ideas about luxury. As a development company our governing principle is if people are going to drink, they should drink the best or nothing at all.


Naturell luxury cocktails are the most profound cocktails of our time. They were designed to provide consumers with unparalleled alcohol products that reflect their lives, their tastes, and the times. Naturell luxury cocktails, one brand, 50 blends, 810 different rum and vodka luxury cocktails that compete in “six of the eight spirits categories.” Which are Cocktails, Rum, Vodka, Whisky, Brandy, Cordials plus Champagne, and Wine. In addition, we also developed the world’s first cannabis infused luxury cocktails.

Imagine an ultra-exclusive luxury cocktail brand with infinite possibilities. Our proprietary interactive technology allows consumers to be their own cocktail mixologist. For the first-time enthusiast can freely switch between alcohol drinks. Naturell rum, vodka and cannabis infused luxury cocktails were engineered to go through a series of metamorphoses that allow them to be intermixed, once mixed the qualities of each add to one another.


Consumers could only dream of intermixing cocktails in the past. Now they can enjoy any one of 50 ready to drink luxury cocktails at any given time or they can freely switch between luxury cocktail blends. Even more appealing consumers can also mix select luxury cocktails together, to create over 810 different luxury cocktails blends. All of this happens without the consumer ever changing brands and without any of the expected repercussions!


Naturell luxury cocktails have no over-powering taste of alcohol. Engineered to be easier on the body and maintain their flavor even when served on the rocks creating an unforgettable drinking experience buy differentiation, innovation, and brand narrative. No other alcohol brands currently on the market can make these claims.    


Naturell ultra-exclusive luxury cocktails are beyond compare when it comes to Aroma, Taste, Smoothness, Variety, Excitement and Convenience which is why they are backed by the best guarantee in the industry. If you are not satisfied for any of the above highlighted reasons, we will give you a 150% refund. Imagine a luxury brand designed with you in mind. No other alcohol brands can make these claims, this concept is why Naturell ultra-exclusive luxury cocktails are "The new taste of the future™, "Liquid art signed by the artist." Ron Johnson

With our progressive ideas the world has taken notice. Confident in what we created the brand was put on the world stage in 2009 the Naturell luxury brand competed and won a bronze medal at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirit Competition. This was an exceptional win considering the Naturell luxury brand competed against hundreds of well-known brands placing third behind several internationally known brands that’s been on the market since the 1800’s.


The Naturell ultra-exclusive luxury brand represents more than a collection of the world's finest cocktails. It represents a culture. The brands silhouette is distinctive, and the taste is astounding. Naturell ultra-exclusive inter-mixable luxury cocktails were created for the world because luxury has no boundaries! Enjoy the new taste of the future responsibly.

Our Story


10/13/18 - While taking time off from business to restructure the Naturell brands organization Ron Johnson, formulated the world’s first (RTD) ready to drink cannabis infused luxury cocktails. A private sampling with select guest sampled the medicinal marijuana infusions to a lively sounding of trumpets.


04/30/15 - After six years of experiencing pathological patterns of institutional racism in an all-out effort to prevent the launch of the Naturell luxury brand by people who run the licensing issuing agencies, and others Ron Johnson, was indicted on falsehoods. Surprisingly  all charges were precipitously dropped days before trial (by jury). This after facts surfaced showing the Arizona Dept. of Liquor and others tried to conceal evidence, contradicting every one of the charges falsely leveled against Ron Johnson. To read about how Ron Johnson stood up to corruption by a select few click the link. 


01/23/14 - Ron Johnson was arrested. After applying for an alcohol wholesales license in 2009 and still managing to obtain it even after being told he never would by officials at the license issuing agency who did everything they could trying to prevent it. The very same officials overstepped their duties and began a campaign to ruin Ron Johnson professionally by intentionally disrupting his business, slandering his name, and violating his rights all to mislead the courts to falsely arrest, falsely imprison and maliciously prosecute him. All to keep him from competing in the alcohol business.

04/20/13 - The Naturell luxury brand sponsored the pre-launch of Ron Johnson Luxury Wears™ for women. Them: Clothes are much more than just a fashion statement they are an art form that represent individuality. The event was held in Honolulu, HI.

12/15/12 - The Naturell luxury brand co-hosted a private party in which dignitaries and celebrities savored sample blends of Naturell Presidential Cocktails™, Black Stallion and the jewel tone masterpieces from the Diva Delight Cocktail Collection™.

12/03/11 - The Naturell luxury brand sponsored the first Annual Robert Tate Foundation Golf Tournament. Proceeds benefitted the fight against dyslexia, at the Superstitions Springs Golf Club in Mesa, AZ.

10/28/10 - The Naturell luxury brand sponsored the seventh Annual Spirit of Friendship: Brazilian Carnival, the Spirit of Friendship Event brings celebrities, government officials, famous artists, major philanthropists, and power-brokers together for an evening of fundraising and awareness for Best Buddies Arizona. The event was held in Scottsdale, Arizona.

12/05/09 - In anticipation of a three state launch the Naturell luxury brand sponsored the 9th and 18th holes at the 12th Annual Pro Players Classic Golf Invitational. The event was held at the Terravita Golf and Country Club in Scottsdale, Arizona.

09/05/09 – In anticipation of a three state launch the Naturell luxury brand participated in the Phoenix Cooks an Arizona's Premier Culinary Event to rave reviews. The event was held at the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, AZ.

03/22/09 - The world is taken notice, in 2009 the Naturell luxury cocktail brand competed and won a bronze medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition, this was an exceptional win, considering we placed third behind an internationally known brand that’s been on the market since the 1860’s.

03/17/09 - The Naturell luxury brand sponsored the Positive Impact Celebrity Charity Golf Classic hosted by Kenny Lofton. The event was held at the Whirlwind Gold Club at Gila River Casino Wild Horse Pass in Chandler, AZ.

03/04/09 - Worldwide Press Release. Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) CRJ Capital, LLC, today announced the release of Naturell the world's first ultra-premium inter-active cocktail brand by Ron Johnson. The brand will be offered in three cities beginning April 2009. The initial release will include Naturell Champagne cocktails: Rose, Mimosa Naturell Signature: Black Label in addition to Naturell Flavored Cocktails: Mango and Mystery Mix. The Naturell brand will be available in 750ml and 1.5 liter bottles and offered in Phoenix, AZ Vegas, and LA. Production for release is 15,000 cases.

09/16/08 - The Naturell luxury brand sponsored the 8th hole at the Fifth Sleep America Charity Annual Golf Tournament. The event was held at the Point Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Phoenix. AZ.

09/20/07 - The Naturell luxury brand was invited to be a part of the Debbie Gaby’s, Fifth Celebrity Catwalk for Charity Luncheon at THE ARIZONA BILTMORE. A sample bottle of Naturell luxury cocktails was presented to all the celebrity models.

08/27/07 - The Naturell luxury cocktail brand was invited to be one of the alcohol brands at the Director's Guild in Hollywood, CA during the screening of the movie “THE DUKES” hosted by then Governor Arnold Swartzenegger.

07/06/07 - Musician Alphonse Mouzon, Chairman / CEO of Tenacious Records, hosted a private celebrity sampling featuring Naturell luxury cocktail sample blends in LA, the Naturell brand received overwhelming response.

Naturell Challenge™

Naturell Challenge™

The Naturell challenge™ is a friendly competition open to professionals who feel that their skills are first-rate when it comes to mixology. The challenge, craft a better version of one of our ultra-exclusive luxury cocktails on the spot. Should any one succeed? They will have bragging rights and be acknowledged in the NATLUXMAG online magazine “Trend Setters and Taste Makers™”. For details click the link.


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Enjoy NATURELL the new taste of the future responsibly.


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